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Instacart is all over the news these days. The company has come under fire from employees and shoppers alike! Shortly after a workers strike the company decided to cut their pay in the form of deleting a quality bonus! Co-incidence? Maybe, Maybe not. Either way, there is definitely a lot going on with Instacart these days!

So, whats the big deal and how does this gig work? We spent a week as an Instacart shopper in order to answer these questions! Here's the rundown.

As with most of this Gig's you need to sign up first and wait for materials in the mail before you can begin. We signed up and had our package a few days later. In the mail you receive a debit card to pay for the groceries and a lanyard with an Instacart logo on it. Once we got these we received a message requesting we buy insulated bags in order to deliver the groceries or provide photos of bags if we had them already. Luckily from of last gig review of DoorDash we had the bag they gave us. We sent in the picture and we were approved for work!

As we found out there are 2 types ways to make money. First, you can sign up for hours, go to the local store and work till your alotted time is up. Second, orders will pop up sporadically on the app. When this happens you can accept it and complete the order. Orders are either delivery only or full service.

1. Full service- this is when you go to the store, purchase the items needed, then deliver.

2. Delivery only- this is when the in-store shopper (an employee of Instacart who completes the orders and places on racks in the front of the store) does the shopping and you just go to pick up the bags, scan, and deliver.

We did both! For these orders we did not sign up for a time slot and just accepted them as they came up on the app. 

The delivery only was very easy. After accepting the order we went to the store. In the front right corner was a rack and a cooler where the bags were held. We scanned our 4 bags and off we went. This delivery was a bit of a hike, 19 miles, but we were going that way anyway! We dropped off the bags on the porch as instructed, scanned them again and went on our way. What did we get for our efforts? The payout for that order was 28$, not bad considering the process took about 45 mins.

A few days later we picked up a full service order. This was fairly easy as well. The groceries are pictured on the Instacart App. You shop for the items, scanning each as you go, then you pay and head out to deliver. If there is an issue with a product that's not available the customer will sometimes leave instructions for a replacement item or you can text them and ask what they would like instead. This seems to not be a frequent occurrence. 

We got our order completed and headed out. As we were just arriving to our location ( 4 miles) we received a text from the customer asking to leave groceries on the porch and knock on the door. So that's what we did. Overall, not a bad experience! Until it came to getting paid! The order we accepted was for 14$ ( took us 50 mins to complete) but we only received 12$. We reached out to customer service and they stated that the pay shown when you accept the gig has a tip included. However, the customer can delete that tip up to 72 hours after delivery without providing any reason. That's what happened here. We received less than expected even though the delivery was accurate and timely. Not cool to think your getting paid one amount and end up with less! 

What about signing up for hours? How does that work? We found that out also!

sWe signed up for a two hour block from 11am-1pm on a Sunday. Heres what happened. In our area there are 2 store that do Instacart. While they are in the same region as far as Instacart is concerned they are 45 minutes away from each other. We had received a message stating we would be told where to go before our shift started. This did not occur, so we guessed and drove to the store we thought would be the busiest. Once there we waited for the shift to start. As soon as 11 hit, the app came on and told us that we should go to the other store ( that area was red which means it's more likely top be busy). Bummer!!!

Since that store was so far away it would take half our shift to get there! We decided to hang tight and hope for the best! Let's just say the results were not stellar. In the 2 hours only one order came in and it was for the store we were not near so we did not accept it. This order came in with only 15 minutes left is our shift! We didn't want to waste anymore time! So while we did only try this once we would suggest you stay away from signing up for hours. This gets into more of a job mentality than a gig anyway.The whole point of a gig is to work when you want, not to sign up for a time block so you have to sit at the store. You should be on an hourly wage if that's the case!

Would we recommend this gig? Yes and No!

When you treat this like a gig then it can be worth it. The pay is decent if you pick the right orders. If you need a few extra bucks then signup, download the app and take an order here or there when they pop up. DO NOT however count on orders coming, treat these as a bonus source of income, not  a reliable one.

DO NOT try to treat this like a job, it's not. No Gigs are meant to be a job or else the would be called jobs! Don't sign up to work hours that you wont get paid for, that's crazy! Your time is valuable, treat it as such!


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our experience, we would be happy to share! We hope you found this information useful! Please pass on to anyone who would benefit form reading!


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The GIG Economy seems to be everywhere! From Uber to Postmates to DoorDash to InstaCart. So many to choose from! With so many options how do you choose the one that's right for you? You can either try them all and see which is best for your needs or you can simply read our reviews and decide from there. We have already tried them out for you! Here's what we learned from our Doordash experience...

First things first! You cannot log on, register on the site and start working. You have to wait 2-4 days for your packet with your delivery bag and your DoorDash card to arrive. Only then can you start delivering. So even if you are just considering giving it a try you may want to just register so you have all the materials needed. That way if some free time pops up and you want to make a few bucks you can.

I signed up on a Sunday and had my Packet by Thursday. I was ready to go!

Once your ready you can log on to the dasher app. The App will have different areas mapped out near your location. When an area is busy it will flash red. Sometimes it's right where you are. Other times you have to drive there. Once you are in that area you hit the Dash now button. It will ask you for an end time to your Dash, once you select the end time the App will begin to look for orders. When there's an order to be delivered it will send it to you. You can either accept or decline. The order will show you which restaurant to pick up from and the amount you will make. If you decline, you must wait for another order to come your way. If you accept you go the the restaurant (sometimes you have to pay with the DoorDash card), pick up the order( you usually have to wait), and then deliver to customer. Once delivered you head back to the busy areas and wait for the next order. You get paid for your efforts once a week, Mondays. There is an option for fast pay but we stuck with the weekly pay.

As far as the process that's the long and short of it! So how did we do? Let's see...

I worked as a Dasher for 2 days. The first was a Tuesday from 11-130 and the second was a Sunday from 11-2. I delivered a total 9 orders on those two days. I earned $57.96 cents in my 5.5 hours of work. I also spent $12 in gas on my deliveries which left me with a grand total profit of $45.96!

When you look at this from an hourly wage perspective it's not that great, $8.35/hr which is well below minimum wage in our area. At first glance it looks as if Doordash is a waste of time! Don't dismiss so quickly, even though the hourly rate isn't good when you compare to a typical job wage I still believe there is value in Doordash as long as you look at it the right way! 

DoorDash is not now and will never be a viable "Job", so don't try to make it one. Doordash is good when you want to make a few extra bucks and have nothing else to do. That's how you use it!

If you want to get the best out of it follow these Guidelines:

1. Turn the App on when you get out of work! Perhaps you can do a quick delivery on the way home. I found the money from each delivery to average around $8. So if you can do one a day on your five day work week then that's 40$. Not Bad! 160$/month average (Just be prepared, there aren't always deliveries available when you want them to be).

2. Do you spend anytime reading, studying, or even just watching TV? If so, go to a busy location in town where the hot spot is likely to be  and hang out there. Read, study, watch tv on your phone in the parking lot. Turn the App on and deliver in between chapters or shows! This way your doing something you like while making a few bucks!

3. Need something to do with the kids? Turn on the App! My 7 year old was curious about what it takes to make money, so i took him on one of my DoorDash shifts! He loved it! We had a great time hanging out! We were able to make a few bucks and I was able to teach my son about work and money. Win-Win


DoorDash is a viable gig to make a little bit of money in the short term. It is not a job, a steady source of income, or a career. By no means should you ever depend on this GIG to pay your rent or feed your family. It's just meant to be used as a way to make a few extra bucks here and there, which is great if that's what your looking for. As  long as you use it the right way then I say go for it! If you want to give it a try just click here!

I hope you enjoyed the review! If you know of anyone who would benefit from this information please pass it along! 

Thanks for reading!


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Everyone has heard and said the phrase "Life's not fair!" I recently heard this phrase from one of my little guys. My knee jerk reaction was to say "your right", life isn't fair and we all have to deal with that. After our brief discussion about life was over I spent some time reflecting on it. We always try to steer our children in the right direction with the right advice so I often like to think about our family discussions. This allows me to not only ensure I'm confident on the answers I give but also helps me get prepared for next time. On this occasion I decided that I made a mistake!

In reality LIFE IS FAIR! We just like to throw out the life is not fair comment when we don't get want we want. We use this thought process as an excuse to not work as hard as we should for what we want. If we actually accepted the idea that LIFE IS FAIR then we would all have to come to terms with ourselves and our levels of commitment and effort. Since we really don't want to do that we hide behind the fairness idea.

Saying life is not fair is the same as waving the white flag. It means I give up! 

Don't get me wrong, we do all start  life in different places. Some are going to be in a better financial situation than others. Some will be more physically gifted. Some will be more creatively gifted, and some may be more intellectually gifted in certain areas. This is a fact! Another fact is that we are all talented and gifted in our own ways. Tom Brady probably can't code for MIcrosoft and Bill Gates probably can't throw a 50 yard Touchdown. Yet both of these men have succeeded in their lives and are viewed as the top performers in their industries! HOW?

They figured out what they liked and what they were good at. Then they worked insanely hard with extreme effort, The result  was incredible accomplishments and success! They are successful because they  chose to commit and push themselves. Hard work and extreme effort are abilities everyone!

We are all good at something. It could be football, writing, photography, or computer science. Whatever it may be, you do have talents that can be cultivated. When you cultivate and nurture your talent you will find success. This is true and fair!

But wait!! If life were really fair than everyone would be a great success in one venue or another right?


Here's what separates those that say "LIFE'S NOT FAIR" from those who don't......

EFFORT is the key. As we just stating, everyone has a talent or talents that can be grown. This growth only comes through effort and determination. We are all born with the same ability to try, to put in effort, to succeed. This is why LIFE IS FAIR! We can all put in as much or as little effort as the next person. No one has the ability to try harder than someone else. We all have the same effort capabilities with in us. 

In this sense, life is extremely fair!

Once we accept this fact we can clearly see that when we say life isn't fair we actually mean, I haven't put enough effort into getting what I want in life! 

That's it! Life is fair! We can all push ourselves to the limit and nurture our talents so we become wildly successful in our lives! If the ability is the same within all of us then why aren't we all successful????

The simple answer is that a lot of us don't want to work that hard even though we can. That's the hard truth. 

When's the last time you pushed yourself so hard physically that you thought you were going to throw up?

When's the last time you got home from work, fed the kids, put them to bed, and then stayed up working on your side business till your eyes burned?

I guarantee that there are people out there doing these things right now! These people have no time for life's not fair, in fact the thought never crosses their mind!

Now's the time! Decide today which group you want to be in!

Are you going to accept that life is fair? Or are you going to hide behind the life's not fair mentality?

I know which side I'm on!!! Leave us a comment, let us know what you think and share with someone you know who may need to hear this message.

Thanks for reading!

<![CDATA[How being Selfish is actually Self-Less..]]>Mon, 21 Oct 2019 23:21:41 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/how-being-selfish-is-actually-self-lessI hear it all the time. "I don't have time for myself". "As long the kids have what they need I'm good". "My needs are not important"...

These sound familiar? I think they do for most of us. We tend to put ourselves last in order to make sure everyone else is taken care of. We think that taking time for ourselves to make sure we have what we need is selfish! My kids are more important we say, my husband/wife needs me to do this first we say...

I say this needs to stop! Self-care needs to be at the top of your priority list. While taking time out of the day to work on yourself may initially seem selfish, in the long run it's actually self-less! Don't believe it? Check out these examples as they will prove my point:

A large part of the HappyHealthyHundreds philosophy has to do with self growth and learning. Continued learning is a cornerstone of building a happy, fulfilling life. In order to do this you must take the time for yourself to learn and grow. Yes, this means time solely dedicated to you! 

Now Before you dismiss this idea let's think it through. In the short term taking this time away from the family may seem Selfish. This however is completely inaccurate. It's actually Self-less! Let's say you use this time to get your MBA! In the future this MBA will open more doors for you and increase your value to potential employers thus increasing your salary! I'm sure the family would appreciate your efforts when you all get to spend an extra week at Disney or pay for the kids college without student loans! By initially taking the time to learn you now are able to provide great things for you and your family! There's nothing selfish about that!

Still not sure? Let's look at another example:

There's no way I can hit the gym or go for a run for 30 mins a day! I got work, Johnny's got soccer practice and Jane has a bake sale in the morning! Phrases similar to this are spoken daily in millions of households across the world.

While this may seem extreme to those who haven't had children, I can assure you this is just another day when you have Littles running around. There's always a reason to put off taking care of yourself. But there is never a good enough reason!

Again, while taking time for yourself to ensure you are healthy may seem low on the priority list, you aren't doing anyone any favors by not doing it. We all know the benefits of health and fitness, too many to list, but for this example we only need two.

When you exercise and are in good health you feel good, your mood is up , and your energy level is high. The high energy and mood levels carry over to everyday life. You will be better able to see the positives in situations and better energized to take on what ever the day may hold. You will are able to chase the kids around for hours, go from work to the little league game at the end of the day and still have the energy root the kids on! You taking the time to be healthy will allow you to be the best version of yourself, which in turn allows you to give your best in life.

Those around you deserve to get the best version of you. You owe it to them to be healthy. They need you at your best. Only when you are at your best can you help them be at theirs! 

Let's also not forget the medical factor down the road as well! Taking the time to take care of yourself will most likely allow you to not only live longer but to live longer without the assistance of others. While this thought is a bit of a downer, we  do all get older and will most likely need some assistance at some point. By focusing on your health you increase your odds of being around longer! Not just that but you will also most likely be more self sufficient longer and not need as much assistance. The Gran-kids will be happy to know you and your kids will be happy not to see you living in their basement!

In reality, taking care of your health is not only helping you, but everyone around you. In Fact it's selfish of you not to do it!

As you can see from these examples, the way most of us have been thinking is backwards. Not taking time for yourself is SELFISH and actually taking the necessary time for you is Self-Less!

However you choose to think about it isn't what's important. What is of upmost importance is that we realize there is no scenario in that exists when it is acceptable to no take care of ourselves. It is not OK for you, your friends, or your family to not get you at your best.  You owe it not only to them but to yourself to take the time needed so that you can perform at the highest level in your everyday life. 


Thanks for reading

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I've been lucky enough to have three children. Its amazing to watch them grow, learn and develop.  My kids all have different personalities and interests. My oldest is a sports kid, my middle guy is more of a crafter, and my little one is still trying to figure it out. While they are unique in many ways they all seem to act the same way when it comes to getting what they want. As a matter of fact, this is true for most kids.

Is there a reason for this? Yes! 9 times out or 10 it works and kids are smart! They see another child act a certain way and get rewarded they tend to do the same in hopes of the same result. A child's methods for obtaining what they desire is time tested and proven. In the younger years it involves a lot of temper tantrums, crying, and screaming. At some point we all grow out of this phase which is necessary as we can't act this way as adults. Even though we can't act this way as adults there are still very valuable lessons to be learned from children. These lessons should not be given up as an adult, but remembered and utilized frequently. 

When it comes to getting what you want, act like a child!

Do I mean crying, whining and causing a scene? No, although that may work in some instances! 

First things First: Ask for what you want! When your a kid and you want ice cream you don't think twice about asking for it. There's no  doubts  that you should ask for or that you deserve some ice cream. You just ask!

As adults our mentality changes. We often don't ask for that raise we want because we are afraid the boss will get mad. We don't ask a friend for help with something because we don't want to them to feel obligated. This is the wrong way to think about it!

We need to act more like a child to get what we want. We should never be afraid to ask for anything, EVER! I never get mad at my children for asking for ice cream, just as your boss wont get mad if you ask for a raise or friend won't get upset if you ask for a favor. Get rid of your doubts and just ask for what you want! You will be surprised at the results!

Second: Don't take no for an answer. As adults we hear no and we just stop. We think that is the end of the conversation. A child knows different, they know it's just the beginning. 

What happens when a child hears the word no? They respond with why? Please? Why? But I really want it? Please? This tends to go on for a while until they get a yes or they are too exhausted to keep asking.Why we give up on this tactic as adults is beyond me! It worked for so many years but we no longer use it. We need to bring it back! Keep asking and keeping pushing for the things you want in life! Exhaust all options before you stop!

Usually this barrage of pleading and asking pays off and the child gets that ice cream! It will work for us as adults as well as long as we have courage to do it! 

There are a few rare instances when the constant asking/pleading has not worked. Mom or Dad has withstood the onslaught and held their ground! What is a child to do ? Give up? NO WAY! They just go and start the process all over again with the person who hasn't said no yet. Whether it's the other parent, a sibling, or the always likely to work grandparents!

We don't do this as adults, we just take whatever we get and we hope for a different answer down the road. This is nonsense! If a bank says NO on a loan, go to 30 more banks till you get a yes! Your boss says no to a raise, ask him what you can do to get one in the next 6 months (then do it)! If he says there's nothing that can be done, find a different boss! 

In order to get what you want out of this world you need to channel your 11 year old self!  ASK for what you want! Keep asking even if the answer is no! If that doesn't work, ask someone else until you get a yes. If you practice these three behaviors when it comes to your goals, dreams, and desires you will succeed in acquiring them and achieving your HappyHealthyHundreds Lifestyle!

Who Knew? You had it all figured out at age 11!

The Kids are All Right when it comes to getting what they want!

Thanks for reading,


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If you have seen any of the headlines over the past few weeks you must have come across an Antonio Brown Story. Brown, a verified superstar in the NFL has inadvertently sabotaged his entire career losing millions of dollars in the process. He has had over 30 Million in guaranteed money voided due to his insane antics!

​While most of us don't have 30 mil on the line, that doesn't mean we are immune to the same fate as Antonio Brown. We all must heed the warning signs of A.B.S ( Antonio Brown Syndrome)..

Warning sign #1

You think you are untouchable!

We have all worked with people with the untouchable complex. Usually someone who has had some success in their industry. The success goes to their head and they begin to believe the company or business can't function without them. Once this beliefs festers they start slacking, not focusing, and making poor decisions. These actions generally lead to their dismissal!

If you are great at what you do that is awesome! Don't let this success go to your head, keep behaving and acting in the same manner that brought that success. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how great you think you are. What does matter is if the guy who signs your check thinks your great! Until you work for yourself you need to be aware of the untouchable complex. A lesson Mr. Brown is now learning.

Warning sign #2

You Don't listen to anybody!

When you begin to believe that you are right all the time and that there is no need to listen to the advice or perspectives of others there should be a giant alarm going off in your head. No one is always right and no one can afford to dismiss other perspectives as it is imperative for growth. When the only voice you ever listen too is your own, reality can get skewed and trouble will be on the horizon. Just ask Drew Rosenhaus, I'm sure he would have a lot to say on this subject. I wonder how times AB has been advised to fix his behavior...A pretty high amount I would imagine!

Warning sign #3

You got fired and still can't stop self destructing!

You failed to recognize the warning signs. You overestimated your value, you ignored all advice and you lost you job. Now it's time for some humble pie! A reasonable person would try to salvage any relationships possible in hopes of getting some sort of reference to use in the future. BUT not those with severe Antonio Brown Syndrome. In advanced cases these people will continue the behaviors and actions that caused their demise. Thus digging a deeper hole to get out of. Eventually even these folks will get tired of digging and realize they need to stop the destruction and start the healing. The only hope is that once they stop and look up for help, someone will actually still be there to respond.

In order to ensure you don't catch A.B.S please follow the recommended daily treatment.

Give your best to all you do!

Don't talk about your greatness, Show your greatness!

If you find yourself sliding in the wrong direction, immediately stop what you doing, look up and ask for help before it too late!

Adhering to these three guidelines will decrease your likely hood of self destructive behavior thus helping to guard against Antonio Brown Syndrome.

Thanks for reading!


photo credit to AB instagram

<![CDATA[Self Care or Car Care? Which one is more important to you?Are you sure?....]]>Fri, 27 Sep 2019 20:29:30 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/self-care-or-car-care-which-one-is-more-important-to-youare-you-sure
Here @HappyHealthyHundreds we believe that self care is one of the most important activities in your life. If you do not take care of yourself you will never become the best version of you. If you never become that best version than you can never truly give your best to anything or anyone. This inability to be your best and give your best will cause great difficulties in your life. Everything you do will be affected, from your personal relationships to your business dealings. Therefore, we must make sure we are taking care of ourselves! There is one basic question your need to ask yourself to see if your maintaining a minimum amount of self care. Do you take better care of yourself or your car? This may seem a little simple and silly but once we get into it you will find it quite eye opening! When you read the following comparisons you will be shocked to realize that even if you treat yourself better than you car, a lot of people do not! I know, Crazy but True!!!

When you think of a car versus a person you may think they are very different at first glance. This is not the case:

1. Both are a mode of transportation. Both yourself and a car can get you from point A to point B. Albeit, one alot faster than the other. 
2. Both are symbols of desire. Whether it's the new corvette you want or those six pack Abs.
3. Both need fuel in order to get to where they need to go, a car needs gas and a body needs food/water.
4. Over time the value of each changes.
5. Both need to be properly maintained in order to function properly.

Now that we know that a car and a person have many similarities we can find out which is more of a priority in your life.

Here are the questions you need to ask:

1. It is well known that if you don't start and drive your car for an extended period of time  it is likely to not start. It is a recommended rule of thumb not to go longer than  7 days.  95% of people will go out and at least start the car every 7 days if it has not been driven to ensure it will start when they need to go somewhere. However, 80% of people do not get the recommended amount of exercise one needs to maintain a proper healthy lifestyle.. Have you gone 7 days or more without some type of exercise? If so you are taking better care of your car than yourself.

2. Most of us are pretty diligent with our car maintenance, oil change every 3000 miles, replace the break pads when worn out, get new tires when necessary, etc... Do you do regular maintenance on yourself? Do you get enough rest when your worn out so you can be refreshed and ready to go again? Do you go to the doctor on a regular basis for checkups? Do you take the time to get the physical and mental exercise you need in order perform at a high level? Do you maintain yourself less frequently than you car? If so your priorities need a realignment.

3. When you want you car to run proficiently and maintain high performance you often go with the premium gas and the synthetic oil. You put high quality products in your car to ensure long lasting results! Do you put high quality ingredients in yourself? Are you as careful with what you consume as you are with what your car consumes? Many people feed their car the Lobster of fuels but feed themselves the burger from the dollar menu.

​If you have answered NO to any of these questions it is time for a Major U-turn. You need to treat yourself better! If you can take the time to properly care for a hunk of metal that you will get rid of in a few years than your certainly can take the time to care of the body you will have for the rest of your life! When your priorities get misaligned try to remember this. No matter how much effort you put into your car, IT WILL BE WORTH LESS TOMORROW! If you take great care of yourself through regular exercise, constant learning, and always striving to be your best YOU WILL BE WORTH MORE TOMORROW. You will decrease your future doctors bills by staying in shape, your market value will increase the more you learn, and your relationships will flourish as you will be able to give the best of yourself since you will be your best self.

Forget the car, focus on you!

Thanks for reading!

<![CDATA[HAPPYHEALTHYHUNDREDS DEFINED...]]>Fri, 20 Sep 2019 19:17:22 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/happyhealthyhundreds-defined
Yesterday a friend of mine asked me a compelling question, What is the point of @happyhealthyhundreds? What are you trying to do and what is your end goal? While I have thought of this many times, I never sat down with a pen and paper and clearly defined what we are, what we provide, and what we will accomplish. After 2 hours of thoughts and rewrites I concluded on the following summary. Perhaps a mission statement may be a better word. I wanted to post this statement not only to provide clarity for you but also for us. 

HappyHealthyHundreds is a support community founded on three core beliefs. Health, wealth, and happiness. These core beliefs tightly intertwine and evolve into the HappyHealthyHundreds lifestyle. Our blogs and social media are centered around helping people create their plan to achieve the HappyHealthyHundreds life that is right for them. As we grow we will be adding classes, workshops, ebooks, and a clothing line. Through motivation, inspiration and coaching we hope to help many people across many countries! But first we must detail our three core beliefs:

1. Hundreds: This may seem obvious but it really isn't. Our belief is not that you need to make millions of dollars! We believe that everyone's level of necessary wealth varies. Everyone has different needs and wants. Some may want the mansion on the hill while others are content with an RV by the beach. There's nothing wrong with either. Here @HappyHealthyHundreds we define our goal of wealth as having the right amount of money for your lifestyle so that you do not have to worry about money. If you need to travel the world as part of your desired lifestyle then you will need more money than those who just need to walk on the beach everyday.
   Money is the most common source of depression in individuals and the most common source of tension in relationships. Figuring out the amount of Hundreds you need and then creating the plan to realize those hundreds is the first fundamental of HappyHealthyHundreds.

​2. Health: When we talk about health we do so in an all encompassing sense. Physical health, Mental health, and Family health. Physical health is different for everyone. You may want to be like @therock and have crazy muscles or you may want to be super trim like the marathon runners you see. We view physical health as maintaining the physical condition that creates a sense of self confidence and wellness. Your physical health level  should create a happy prideful feeling when you look in the mirror. This feeling is not only tied to you physically but also mentally. We view mental health as a top priority in the our lifestyle. Everyone needs a strong mind that fosters a high level of self esteem and confidence. Only once physical and mental health are combined and functioning at a high level can you achieve that sense of pride, accomplishment, and happiness necessary to have the life you deserve. 
Finally, the last piece of the puzzle pertaining to health is family and friends health. A strong sense of family/friends health is invaluable. Taking  the time to make family and friends a priority in your life will ensure that you have a strong support system. We all need a strong support system to  help us get through the difficult times and to us help celebrate the great times!

3.Happy: This is very simple and Straightforward. You could have an @schwarzenegger physique and a Million dollars in the bank, but if your unhappy when you wake up in the morning than it's pointless. You can always make more money, run more miles, or lift more weights if you want to. However, if you spend a day miserable and unhappy you will never get that day back. Being happy with your life is the ultimate goal of @HappyHealthyHundreds

That's us in a nut shell! We hope you will join us on our mission to help as many people as possible achieve their HappyHealthyHundreds life!

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<![CDATA[LOSE WEIGHT FAST, KETO QUICK START GUIDE...]]>Mon, 16 Sep 2019 23:16:04 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/lose-weight-fast-keto-quick-start-guide
Interested in KETO or low carb living but not sure how to get started? Look no further, below is a quick start guide that includes meals for your first five days! With the help of a low carb lifestyle I have dropped 75lbs in 7 months. You can too! Don't put it off any longer, use this guide to get started. Once you have more time you can plan different and more in depth meals if needed. For now we are going with quick and easy! The reason for this is that not everyone has the desire to cook and most of us don't have extra time to dedicate to cooking. These meals are all done in under 15 mins and do not require extraordinary cooking experience. I have been eating these meals every week since I started, haven't got tired of them yet! Here's what your gonna need: Eggs, nuts, berries, frozen meatballs (6 carb or less), chicken, broccoli,pepper,onion,zucchini, lettuce, cheese, sausage, olive oil, and a variety of sauces. Any low carb sauce you like, try and keep them under 3 carbs per serving.I recommend anything from @ghughessugarfree they do a great job. Also, for a cheap option the Hunts sugar free pasta sauce is quite good!  As far as quantities go that's up to you. We aren't starving ourselves here so get enough to fill you up!

Now that we have or ingredients let's plan the week. One of the keys to this type of diet change is to always make more than you need. The reason for this is that KETO or low carb living in not very snack food friendly. Most of the food needs to be cooked, so when the hunger comes on make sure your ready and have some leftovers in the fridge.

I incorporated intermittent fasting into my lifestyle change from the beginning and found that I was able to reach my weight loss goals fast! I definitely suggest you combine the two for maximum results. In case your unfamiliar, intermittent fasting is the process of containing your daily eating to an 8 hour window. Choose whichever window works best for your lifestyle, for me I eat between 1030am-630pm. I usually only eat twice but do occasionally eat a snack in between my meals. Again, you do what works for you. If your hungry eat, just make sure it's low carb food and that it's in your 8 hour window. 

Day 1:

First Meal: Cheese and Veggie Omelette (while cooking go ahead and boil some eggs to use later). I tend to eat a lot so I'll use an entire zucchini and about 6 eggs!

Snack: Handful of nuts and a cheese stick

Second Meal: Meatballs with broccoli and no sugar added sauce. Don't forget the cheese on top! Also remember to make extra.

Day 2:

First Meal: Left over meatballs and broccoli from the night before

Snack: Raw zucchini sticks with Ranch or Blue cheese Dressing. @mariecallenders_ makes some great dressing!

Second meal: Sausage with peppers and onions. I like to top with some Parm cheese and a dab of spicy mustard!

Day 3:
First Meal: Omelette with the left over sausage and peppers.

snack: blueberries/raspberries 

Second Meal: Chicken and Veggie Alfredo. You can really have whatever low carb veggies you want with it. I just prefer zucchini and onions.

Day 4: 

First meal: I bet you can guess! left over Chicken and Veggie Alfredo!

Snack: nuts and a cheese stick

Second meal: Mix up some egg salad with the eggs you boiled the first day. Throw in some peppers and onions, wrap in lettuce and chow down!

Day 5:
First meal: garden salad topped with chicken and cheese

Snack: blueberries/raspberries

Second meal: Leftover buffet! make a few deviled eggs/ a giant omelette/ or any other creation from the food you haven't used yet. Skies the limit!

That's your week! Following this guide will get you on track to begin your weight loss journey! It is incredibly easy to follow and requires minimal time. If you prefer different low carb foods then by all means use those, just stay in your window and keep making large batches.

I realize that some of you may consider the initial plan a bit repetitive. That may be true but it is not without reason. Making two meals out of one saves time and money (less ingredients to buy) which are two things we need more of! More importantly using two meals for one limits the amount of time you think about food. If you already know what your having for your first meal the next day then there is no need to think about what to make or what to have. The less we think about food, the easier it is to stay on track. The idea is to plan your meals ahead of time and to utilize left overs as much as possible to keep your mind free from thinking about food. The less we think about it the more likely we are to stay the course with our eating!

Let us know how you did on your first week by posting a comment!

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<![CDATA[QUIT SMOKING, START LIVING!]]>Tue, 10 Sep 2019 23:32:13 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/quit-smoking-start-living
This month marks my one year smoke free anniversary! It feels great to have that monkey off my back! I feel very confident that I will never pick up the habit again. The purpose of this post is to detail how I accomplished this incredibly difficult feat in hopes that it will help others on their journey to smoke free living. If your serious about quitting smoking then read on!

I smoked a pack a day for 22 years! Of course I tried to quit a few times. I used the patch and tried the gum and lozenges.I would maybe quit for a day or two and then some excuse would come along and I'd buy a pack. Nothing I tried worked for me. I knew it wasn't good for me, my wife and kids were always on my case about it, and I hated the need to pull over or step outside every hour. Even with all that knowledge and support  I never found success. It seemed as if I was out of options to help me quit. I tried what I could and refused to go as far as the pills like Chantix as I always found the list of side effects at the end of the commercial quite scary. So it seemed I was just bound to be a smoker for the rest of my days. That is until September of 2019 came around.

In September 2019 I found my reason to quit. Finding my real motivating factor to quit is what enabled me to start my journey to smoke free living. In order to be successful, you need to find the reason/motivation that makes you NEED to put down the smokes for good. It cannot be that your wife wants you to stop or your kids, it has to be you! They can't quit for you, only you can do that which is the reason why you need your own personal motivation to stop. 

There are a vast variety of reasons you could use for motivation. It could be the money, the smell, the amount of time it takes away from your day, or of course the fact your killing yourself. Whatever reason hits home the most for you, that's what you will you use. For me it was money. I was in a bit of a tight spot trying to make ends meets. I realized that there was 80$/week or 320$/month in cigarette expenditures. It came down to either smokes or paying the bills. Since I have a overwhelming fear of getting behind on expenses I was able to channel this fear and use it as a way to convince myself not to smoke. That helped me get started.

Now that you have your driving force to help you conquer your addiction you must use it to mentally prepare for the road ahead. It takes a few days to get yourself mentally ready to quit. It took me 3 days of really focusing on why I wanted to quit, how my life would improve, and wrapping my head around the idea that I am saying goodbye to an emotional and physical crutch I used for years. During those three days every time I smoked I would have a discussion with myself. I would reaffirm my motivation to quit every time. I'd ask myself why are you still smoking when you can't afford it? Why are you outside by yourself when your family is inside? Why do you want your kids to make a sour face when they hug you due to the cigarette smell? After constantly reminding myself why I needed (not wanted) to quit for three days straight I was ready.

 I woke up in the middle of the night, stumbled outside and lit a smoke as I had done many times before. Halfway through I decided enough was enough. NO MORE! I was tired of wasting my money, waking up at night to smoke, and killing myself slowly. That night I finally accepted that the negatives far outweighed the positives and that I NEEDED to quit. This would be my last cigarette! I went back to bed, woke up in the morning and my quit began. I used the patch for the first three days to help calm the cravings. After three days I decided to let go of the patch. This was almost like day one all over again, extremely difficult but not impossible! If you choose to use a quit smoking aid to get started by all means do so. However, as soon as you are comfortable ditch the aid so your real quit can begin.

Tips for Cravings:

Cravings are a the reason why most fail their quit. Cravings are both mental and physical. Physically after 3-4 days your body is free of nicotine, from this point on it's a mental game. There are many ways to help yourself get through the physical cravings. Some people chew gum or candy or toothpicks. Others swish and spit with mouthwash when the cravings come. Which method is best? Simple, whichever one helps you the most. Everyone is different, try all the tricks and then pick whats best for you.

For me the mental part was quite difficult. I found two practices were the most beneficial when it came to my mental quit. First, I didn't tell anyone I was quitting, If someone noticed I told them I didn't want to talk about it. When you quit you think about smoking all the time, there is no need to discuss it and bring thoughts of smoking into your mind. You want your mind as far away from this topic as possible. Second, take a break, distance yourself, and quietly get through it. When a really strong craving would come on I would take a quit smoking break. I would find a spot away from the person or situation that triggered the craving, then I would take five. I would sit quietly and repeat over and over in my head, THIS WILL PASS, THIS WILL PASS. I would do this for as long as needed for the craving to pass. You will know when it passes, you will feel like a cloud has been lifted off your mind. You will be able to think clearly and move on with your day. These are two crucial steps you must include when you quit. You wont be able to succeed with out a strong way to cope mentally. 

You must overcome your physical and mental cravings to have success! The secret to quitting is to find the coping mechanisms that work best for you. Repeat these coping processes until the cravings are gone and you no longer need them. Once you have accomplished this you have  truly quit smoking and you can start living!

In Summary, Quitting smoking is extremely difficult and extremely necessary. In order to succeed the following must happen. You must find your motivation that creates a burning need within you to quit. Everyone has the need they just need to do some reflecting to find it. Once you have found your needs you should mentally prepare to quit. Take a few days burn that need into your brain so it's all you think about every time you smoke. Once you have had enough of your own lectures, break the smokes in half and quit. Use whatever aids you need, especially in the first 3 days to get you started, but get off them as soon as possible. Use the mental tips above to help survive the cravings. I guarantee you the cravings will pass, you just need to wait them out. Once you get through the beginning stages (about 3 weeks) then you can start re-learning how to live. This may sound strange, but if you have smoked for a long time it will be necessary. Just keep using the mental tips, keep chewing gum, and keep distancing yourself from nicotine triggers! Do that and you will have a great chance of conquering nicotine forever! I wish you the best of luck and would love to hear your the story of you quit! Please feel free to share!

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