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None of us have enough time! We are working a 40-50/hr a week job, we have to get the kids to where they need to go, groceries need to be bought, and appointments need to be kept. Even though we have hectic lives we find it somewhat lacking. We want more, more time for ourselves, more money, more health, more enjoyment, MORE,MORE, MORE!

According to Bankrate.com nearly 4 in 10 Americans (37%) have or want a side hustle. In addition to that, the HealthDay News found that over 75% of the population wants to get in shape and be healthy. Clearly, the desire is for more is there! So why are so many of us unable to start our side businesses or complete our weekly workouts? Simple, we feel we don't have enough time! 

Not having enough time is code for my priorities aren't quite in the right order. We do have the time, we just don't always allot it to the most productive activities. If you truly want  more time to work on yourself, side business, family time, or any passion you have, you need to create it! Ditching the following habits will create more time for you and foster a more productive lifestyle..

   Going out to eat ( one of my least favorite activities) is an incredible time and money consumer. First you have to drive to the restaurant, on average about 20 minutes each way. Next, you may or may not have to wait for a table. A conservative estimate, 15 minutes (sometimes you wait an hour, sometimes not at all). Now the actual dining experience, this time will vary on the type of restaurant. Comparing the last few times I went out to eat (had too, vacation!) I would say 50 mins is a reasonable time frame. Then add 10 more minutes to track down your server and pay the bill! 

So what do we have? A total time commitment of 1 hour and 40 mins! Let's also not forget the amount of money you will spend! Not just the meal, but the service as well.  Somehow restaurant owners have convinced us to pay their employee wages for them, crazy! (that's a post for another day!). 

Save yourself an hour and 10 minutes staying home and eating some spaghetti!

Take a few moments to think of the actual amount of time you spend on dining out! Considering the average american eats out between 4-5 times per week ( report from the Simple Dollar) we are talking about a significant amount of time! That's up to 5 hours a week you can dedicate to yourself!

    I can not express enough how much time this has created for me. I started weaning down my TV time over a year ago. I was watching between 2-3 hours of TV a day during the week and 4-5 hours a day on the weekend! That's about 25 hours, an entire day. You think that is bad, consider this! 

According to MarketWatch Americans spend "7000% more time watching TV than they do on their finances"

We spend more time watching people at work on TV ( Yes, TV is just other people working, they are called actors) then we spend on our own well being!

Take your time back! Ditch the TV. I started of slow, weened my way down. It took me a couple weeks but I was able to cut down my TV time to about 2.5 hours a week. I do like to watch the Patriots play on Sundays!  Other than that, no TV and I don't miss it one bit! 

Cutting out TV will create an entire day for most of us. AN ENTIRE DAY!!!!!!! Imagine an extra day in the week to work on your business, your health, your education, or your family goals. There are endless possibilities of what you can accomplish with that amount of gained time.

Throw out the remote and pick up your passion!

At the end of the day we all want things out of life. Some people end up with those things and some people don't. Those that do understand how to prioritize. They value themselves and see the value gained by ditching unnecessary time consuming activities.

You want more out of life? You want to achieve you HAPPYHEALTHYHUNDREDS lifestyle? 

Start by taking the batteries out of the remote and cancelling the dinner reservations!

- HappyHealthyHundreds

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Happiness, what is it and how do we get it? As defined by Webster's Happiness is a "state of well being and contentment: JOY" Well being and contentment. let that sink in. Contentment is really the result of well -being. SO what is well being really? How to we achieve well being? Is it health, is it money, is it time? 

It a short sentence well being is a sense of peace with how you are spending your time. Simple as that. If you aren't at peace with your time, then you cannot be considered in a state of well being! 

Now that we have the clear understanding of well being we must work on achieving it. The means to do this is going to be different for everyone. We all have different ideas of how to spend our time, "different strokes for different folks as they say"!

My contention is that while there is no right answer for everyone, there is a right process. A process that will help define your right answer, a process that will help show you the path to achieve that answer, a process that will open doors to a level of happiness which you may have thought to be closed. 

How do we start? Who's got an idea?.. (yes or no).. the first part of the process is to figure out the end goal. You need to know where finish line is before you can map out a way to get there! In this case the end goal is defining exactly how you want to spend your time. 

For this process you need to immerse yourself in thought and reflection. You can not find your answer on social media, on TV, or from other people. To try and do so will surely end with a titanic result. Your thoughts can not be influenced by images of sports cars and designer clothes supposedly providing joy and happiness. This is what society and marketers want you to believe, you need to determine your own beliefs and ideals, your own happiness!

During you self realization time you need to think of what brings you joy, peace, and contentment. Time is your most precious asset, what are you willing to spend it on? Playing with the kids? following your passion? Exercising? Achievements? Really dive into this. Get down to the tiniest detail. Is it Travel? Do you really want to live out of a suitcase, are your kids going to be home schooled? Think of all aspects. 

It takes work to find your true needs of well being and contentment. But if we are to find our answers we must put in the work. Only once we truly understand ourselves can we determine our well-being needs. Only once these are determined can we begin to formulate a plan to obtain these needs. Only once the plan is made can we achieve happiness. Contentment will be found in the knowing, knowing you are on your way to happy, knowing that if you stay the course you will get to where you want to be, and knowing you are in control of your life and your dreams.

<![CDATA[Time to take your Thoughts and Dreams back!]]>Sun, 26 Jan 2020 22:24:48 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/time-to-take-your-thoughts-and-dreams-back
​For the past year I have been studying marketing in an effort to become an influencer. In this time frame I have learned that society, like a stream of little ants infiltrating your house has been steadily marching false ideals into our minds. Ideals that are not our own, but the thoughts of others that are pushed upon us for monetary gain of the creators. Our ideas of success, our ideas of happiness, and our ideas of self worth have been shaped by a constant barrage of outside forces. Since we were able to watch a screen our ideas of what life is supposed to be like has been dictated to us. Through TV, social media, and print advertising companies tell us what we need to buy and what we need to do 24 hours a day. We need to stop the madness. Do we really think eating a bag of Doritos will make us as attractive as the girl in the AD? Dorito's certainly thinks so, they spent millions on this ad. It's not just them, all companies do this. We need to take our minds back! We need to take our ideals back, realize them for ourselves.  We need to accept that true happiness can not be achieved by chasing after the ideals of others. The others just want you to believe you can so they can stuff their own pockets.
-Since we were able to focus our eyes we were bombarded with commercials. TV, Print, Radio, you name it. During the morning cartoons we were shown a happy kids playing with their new remote control cars which made us think that if we had one we would be happy to.

- After the cartoons, the football games come on. What does Dad see? An incredibly handsome man with expensive sunglasses in a brand new sports car with a giant smile on his face and a beautiful woman beside him. The Epitome of being happy and cool! Dad must need a sports car to be cool, then he will be happy.

-Social media shows us snippets of the lives of the rich and famous. It looks so fabulous! All those fancy cars we are supposed to want (why?), those diamond earrings, and those amazing clothes. Surely if we did what these folks do, bought the clothes they have, drink the drinks they drink, and eat the food they eat we would have a fabulous life too!

This is what the marketers are hoping for. They spend millions on studying us, the consumers. Then millions more to create the flashy ad that their research tells them will  get our attention. Finally, they put in some type of emotion evoking call to action to get you to hand them your money. Make no mistake, these people do not actually know what would make you happy or what you would need to feel successful and whole. Nor do they have they right to assume so, but they do and we let them. It's time we stop. It's time we take our dreams back!
It is of the upmost importance we start to think for ourselves. In order to this we must shed the false ideals society has bound us to. We must break free of the mind-cuffs and think freely.  How? Turn off the TV ads, Turn off the Social Media ads, turn off anyone or anything who treats you like a cat chasing a flashlight! Only then will we be able to understand what we need to have and achieve in life! Only then will we be able to start our true pursuit of happiness.

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In a room full of successful people, self-confidence is usually not in short supply. You may think this is a result that stems from all the success these individuals have had, this would be incorrect. In reality, their self confidence fuels their success, not the other way around. In order to reach high levels of achievement you are going to go through highs and lows. You must be able to stay  focused through these times and consistently be able to push forward. This is the essence of self-confidence. 

Self confidence is your ability like, respect, and believe in yourself in all situations.  In the highest of highs and the lowest of lows a confident individual is able to remain calm. Calm in the knowledge that one situation or one occurrence does not change who they are or what they are trying to accomplish. This resolve, this belief, this confidence is the foundation of achievement.

Most of us aren't born with overwhelming self-confidence ( even those who are, still need to work to stay that way). That's OK! Self-confidence is a skill! It can be learned and enhanced throughout your life time. Everyone would be well served to spend some time of self improvement through confidence boosting. Here are a few tips/practices that will help you get started.

1. Accept your past decisions and actions:
 This doesn't mean like them, this means accept them. We have all made mistakes. The key is not to dwell on them or condemn yourself for them. We tend to beat ourselves up over a poor decision or regrettable action. Sometimes to the extent of calling ourselves stupid or thinking we are bad people, etc.. This behavior is a confidence killer. Instead of scolding yourself about something in the past, analyze it. What caused you to make that decision, what about it do you not like, and how can you prevent it in the future. Accept, Analyze, and Amend.  Accept your actions, analyze why you did them, and amend your behavior. Remember, no one has ever become good by being told they weren't. This includes you talking to yourself!

2. Keep an accomplishment log:
 Most people have TO-DO lists, some people have a goal list (most of us should), but not many people have accomplishment lists. We get so caught up in what needs to be done and what we haven't accomplished yet that we forget that we have achieved many things already! In order to build self- confidence you need to appreciate yourself and all you've done! Write down your top ten accomplishments and keep them with you. When you start to feel self doubt creep in, take out your list and read it. If you don't revisit your accomplishments you will forget them. We have a tendency to focus on the negative instead of the positive. Change this habit! Replay your many successes in your mind, after a few minutes  the doubt will fade away and you will have the confidence needed to take on what lies ahead.

3. Only Compare yourself to yourself:
 Often our confidence takes a hit when focus on other people. We see Johnny from high school at the twenty year reunion roll up in a brand new corvette. We start to wonder why we don't have a corvette? Then we listen to the stories of how Johnny made a killing in the market and is travelling to ST. Barts next week. Now we are certain that we should have these things too! Our confidence is shot. So we mope around the for a couple of weeks in self pity, wondering where we went wrong. 

Comparing yourself to others is utterly useless. First off, you only know what people show you, you don't actually know what your comparing yourself to (turns out Johnny rented the Vette, lives in mom's basement, and is traveling to St. Barts in his dreams).

Second, you are only meant to be you, not anyone else. It's your job to make the most of your life, so if you want to compare people compare who you are now to who you want to be a year from now. Devise the plan to become that future you and have the belief in yourself to get there. Having self improvement goals, making a plan, and working the plan is the greatest way to boost your confidence. No more thoughts of what other people have, just thoughts of what your going to have! This is the only comparison needed.

At is root, self-confidence is a learned skill that needs to be cultivated. It is similar to a flower. It may start out small, but with proper care and effort it will grow into a beautiful thing! Take the time, cultivate your confidence, and achieve your dreams!

Thanks for reading!


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New Year, New blog post series. I have been wanting to do this for a few months now. I had originally thought this would be a video series, but I'm too cheap to buy the camera! So in an effort to get this going I will start with blogs for now! 

I believe learning is essential to personal growth and happiness. I read a minimum of one book a month. I do this to increase my knowledge and to decrease limitations. The more you know, the more leverage and opportunities you will have. This belief lead me to give up TV last year (to be honest, I do watch the patriots when they play, so 99% gave up). I needed more time to read, take online classes, and work on Happy Healthy Hundreds. With time being of short supply, TV was out and reading was in! While reading I always take notes on the information that strikes me so I can reread at a later date. After doing this on a few books I thought I should use these notes and my blog to review different books and give quick summaries of them. This way you get great insights into the books and can make a decision on whether or not you want to invest your time in reading the entire book! After all, we all shouldn't have to give up our re-runs of friends!

So here goes the first one. 

Financial Freedom is written by Grant Sabatier. The overall concept is based in the F.I.R.E movement. This stands for Financial Independence and Retire Early. This has been written about on thousands of blogs and was all the rage a few year back. While all writers on this topic have different ideas the one constant goal is being able to retire before well before normal retirement age, this is usually done through extreme savings (50% or more of income) and adding additional income sources.

Here are the main points of this particular book:

1. Find your number and work backwards: The idea is to get your realistic monetary number that would allow you to retire. There are a few equations in the book to help you figure this out. The main focus is to achieve 25x your annual spending. If you can do this and live off a withdraw rate of 4%, you should be able to retire ( stock market is  a factor in this equation)
2. How much you got?: this is simple, just need to figure out your net worth, this is assets minus liabilities
3. How Much you need?: Take your number from step 1, subtract number from step 2, and now you know the amount of money you need. This is basically the entire idea of the book. 
4. How do I get it?: This encompasses the rest of the book. He covers side hustle/income stream ideas, savings rates, and investing strategies. There are various charts and graphs that are helpful to aid you in creating a plan to achieve your F.I.R.E. number.

In a nut shell the book tells you figure out your monetary goal, increase your income, save as much money as possible, invest your money, watch your money grow, and when you hit your magic number retire! 

Here are some of the best tidbits:

-Invest in low cost index funds (Warren Buffet is a big fan of this as well). Over long periods of time the stock market averages 7% return, at this rate your invested money should double every ten years. 

-increase your savings rate slowly until you hit your savings goal (this is really high, 50% or more)

- When deciding on a side gig, cross reference your skills with things you actually enjoy doing

-Money is limited only of you don't try to make more of it

- Getting started is the most important part

So what are my thoughts?

 I enjoyed the book, there are a few good ideas in it. Obviously, Mr. Sabatier goes into a lot more details when it comes to investing and side hustles than I've covered here. 

As for the equations and charts,  I found them helpful and the book itself is a quick read.

Is there anything groundbreaking?

NO, there's no magic answer here, but then again there is no magic answer anywhere. The investing advice is the same as many other books and blogs, so is the savings advice. So if your looking for that you can skip it. However if your looking for help creating a monetary road map to Financial independence, this will help. The side hustle ideas are good as well as the charts and graphs. 

My only word of caution and this is not solely directed at the writer of this book as i found his book interesting. 

 often have a hard time buying into something like the F.I.R.E. movement. It seems that most people who claim to have achieved this are still working! Usually through books or blogs. They often say that they are only working because they want to not because they have to. This may or may not be true, we will never really know.

That being said, I believe there to be value in almost any book and I did find some in this one!

I hope you enjoyed the review! Please let us know if you would like to see a book reviewed on the site!

Happy Healthy Hundreds

<![CDATA[How to set your 2020 goals part 2: A detailed plan-]]>Sun, 29 Dec 2019 23:21:11 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/how-to-set-your-2020-goals-part-2-a-detailed-plan
Ok! At this point you should have your goals outline complete ( see previous blog post for help with your outline if still not completed). As we discussed you should have about 10 broad goals that you want to accomplish at this point. You have thought of the person you want to become this year and you have considered the various obstacles that may get in your way. Now it's time to formulate your plan for 2020! This is a big undertaking so plan on spending some time in order to get this right. You are planning out who you will become and what you will achieve for an entire year. Since most of us are planning on achieving greatness, we must first have a great plan! Use the following steps to help you create an awesome road map for your 2020 journey.

1. Cut your goals list by 75%! Yes, you read it correctly. You can't spread yourself to thin. If you do you will end up with a bunch of half way completed goals by the end of the year. Pick the 3 that are most important to you and that are not counter productive to themselves. For instance, you may not want to have a goal of increasing your net worth by 20% along side a goal of traveling Europe for 6 months. I'm not saying these two can't be done, but for those of us who don't make a couple million a year or who aren't high paid travel influencers it would be nearly impossible. You want to put yourself in the best position to succeed. That position is to have a few clear cut goals that are cohesive in nature.  So pick your top three goals that you deem most important to your success this year. You are not throwing those other goals out, your just setting them aside for now. You will achieve all that you want, just not all at the same time. Pick three and focus!

2. Break down the goals: Now that you've settled on your core goals for 2020 you need to break them down into manageable terms. This is done first by breaking your year goals into quarterly goals. Then you continue to breakdown into monthly and finally settle on the weekly targets. I do not suggest daily targets as one day is not gonna make you or break you when it comes to your yearly plan. As long as your on track every week you will get to where you want to be.  An easy example would be to have a goal of making an additional $20,000 this year. This breaks down to $5,000 a quarter, $1667.00 a month, or $385 a week. When you put in this way the amount is much less daunting. It's a paper route or a part time job. Make your large goals small and you will be much more likely to achieve them!

3. Make the Plan: Now that you have broken down your year into weeks it's time to create the plan. Ask yourself, How am I going to get these goals accomplished? The answer needs to be written down in a very clear manner as to avoid those conversations you will have in your head trying to rationalize to yourself why something didn't get done ( We all know this will happen at least once over the course of the year). For example let's say the goal is to lose 1/2 pound  each week. The plan could be the following: MON-SAT strict low carb meals, Sunday one cheat meal is allowed. Mon- 20 min walk, Tues- 20 min walk, Wed- 1 mile run, Thurs - off, Fri- 2 mile run, Sat- 20 min walk, Sun- 1 mile run. You can go into as much detail as you want, as a matter of fact the more detailed the better! At minimum  the plan must be detailed enough to ensure there is no way to talk yourself out of it.

4. Hold yourself accountable: Alright! We have our 3 goals, we have broken them down into weekly tasks, and we have created our game plan. Now we just need to make sure we don't get in our own way! The only person who can stop you from achieving your 2020 goals is you! At some point that little voice in your head is going to come out and start telling you "it's ok to skip a day","take a break", or even "time to quit". How do we stop this? We can't, but we can certainly fight it.

First, write down all the reasons why you chose your goals. Second, take a few videos of yourself. Talk to the future you, cheer yourself on (you can also send yourself emails in the future at futureme.org ). Third, keep a log of your weekly accomplishments so you can see all that you've done and how far you've come. Lastly, find a source of inspiration you can turn to if you need a little help. Whether it's a motivating book, speaker, or a loved one who's always in your corner.

When you think of stopping read those reasons you had when you started, watch a pep talk from yourself, review your awesomeness log, and ask for a little help. These four steps will shut that little voice right down and allow you to keep pushing on your road to achievement!

2020 is right around the corner! Make sure you are ready with a highly detailed and specific plan. This will help ensure that you are not part of the 80% of the population that give up on there resolutions by February! 

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading,


<![CDATA[~How to set your 2020 goals: A brief outline-]]>Sat, 14 Dec 2019 22:31:49 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/how-to-set-your-2020-goals-a-brief-outline
Midway through December 2019! While it is not time to give up on our 2019 goals, it is time to start thinking big picture for 2020 goals. If you are to have a good chance at reaching all your goals next year you need to create a strong game plan. This starts with a general overview/ outline. You need to decide what it is you want to achieve for the entire year. What accomplishments are going to bring you the most happiness? Once you have those ideas nailed down, you then will work backwards on the details of how to realize those goals you have set.

Now is the perfect time to start spending some time on this outline. Don't stress if you cant sit down and write your goals in one sitting. NO ONE can. You need time, that's why we are starting now. This outline is not intended to be completed in one day, it should take at least a week to formulate! After all, your setting your success plan for an entire year, not what your having for lunch tomorrow!

Step 1: Review

The first step in the process is to review your current year. If you have a goals list from last year you can use that. If you don't have a list, make one. Think back to the beginning of the year, where did you think you would be now? What had you wanted to achieve?

Compare what you wanted to accomplish with what you actually accomplished. For those goals that were not realized, write down the reason. Ran out of time, realized you didn't actually want that goal, worked on higher priority goals instead. Whatever the reason is, jot it down. Then spend some time considering what you could have done differently to achieve those goals that were missed. This will help you create a realistic outline for 2020.

Step 2: Consider who you want to be and the accomplishments you want to have completed at the end of 2020. Think in broad terms to start ( you will narrow you thoughts down into measurable goals later). You are just  writing down a general overview of where you see yourself at the end of next year. I recommend you pick 10 broad goals to begin. These are very general and simple. For example, one could be "I want to have more money in the bank at the end of 2020 than I do now". Another maybe " I want to be in a different career at the end of 2020". You get the idea. The priority in this step is to create the vision for the person you will become throughout the year. Think this out over a few days, this is not something you can do quickly. The essence of a goals list is to change your current situation. In order for this to happen you yourself are going to need change. Your making a plan to transform yourself from the 2019 version to the 2020 version of yourself. Make that plan with purpose.

Step 3: Think of the possible obstacles that may try to get in your way. All of them! These could be self inflicted, such as doubt or lack of motivation. Or they could be external, your job consumes your free time, or one of the kids has a hectic travel baseball schedule. Anything you can think of, write it down. You need to be thorough on this list so you can try and prevent as many unforeseen circumstances as possible. Don't get me wrong, there's always going to be something that pops up but you can minimalize these occurrences with a well thought out obstacles forecast. That way you are less likely to get off track when you hit a bump in the road!

These three steps will help you formulate the basic outline needed to create a well thought out, detailed goal plan for 2020. You will use the knowledge you gained from the review in step 1 to help you formulate a realistic and attainable vision of your future self and accomplishments in step 2. Forecasting obstacles in step 3 will help you pave the road for the successful journey you are going to undertake to reach your goals.

Start with these! Part two of this series will be published next week. We will get into a lot more details. We will be trimming down the thoughts from step 2 into measurable/actionable goals. We will also begin to think of the philosophies and tactics we will use to overcome the obstacles in step 3.

This process will take us some time to complete, but I guarantee you this. You are definitely worth the time and effort!

Talk soon!

Thanks for reading!


<![CDATA[How to Survive the Holidays? The Top Five tips to help you stay healthy and wealthy this holiday season!]]>Tue, 03 Dec 2019 21:56:40 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/how-to-survive-the-holidays-the-top-five-tips-to-help-you-stay-healthy-and-wealthy-this-holiday-season
 The holidays are here! Which means laughter, giving, and happiness!  I'm a big Christmas and Thanksgiving guy. I love the food, the presents, the movies, the parades, the family gathering together by the fire, All of it! With all the great times, great food, and great gifts it's easy to get yourself in a bit of a bind. You can easily string together a few weeks of over eating and overspending without even realizing it! By the time the holidays are over you've gained 10 pounds and maxed out your credit cards! We have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you avoid this.

Just to be clear! By no means are we suggesting you don't indulge in the festivities. After all, you work hard all year! You deserve to have some cake and see your families expression of joy when they open presents under the tree! We just want your enjoyment to be sustained, not ruined by a scale and a credit card bill! Use the following tips to aid you in surviving the holidays..

1. Gift Splitting: This is an awesome way to save some cash this season. Its very simple! When it comes to those higher ticket gifts see if a few family members want to chip in. If your son/daughter want tickets to the game, see if grandma wants to split it with you. The kids still get the gift they want, you saved grandma from trying to guess what to buy, and you've saved yourself half the cost of the gift! It's a win for everyone.

2. Gift Card Promos: This is a great way to knock out a few gifts at the same time while keeping a few dollars in your pocket. There are some really great deals out there if you look for them. The best ones are usually from a restaurant, hotel, or event business. The typical deal you see is spend $100 and get 20$ free. That's a free gift or stocking stuffer! There are better ones though if you look. I recently found a place that would match whatever you spent. Insane! I spent 100$ and got $200 with of gift cards! I was able to pretty much cover all my nieces and nephews in one stop (8 of them). Awesome stuff! Keep your eyes out for those deals and be ready to pounce when you find em'.

3. Plan for next year now: Take advantage of all the sales post holiday! Right after Christmas is the perfect time to stock up for next year. All the wrapping paper, lights, and cards are on deep discount. Buying those items now till save you a could chunk of change in the future. Take advantage!

4. Eat what you want: The food is one of the best parts of the holidays. No one should have to resist all those goodies. So don't!  Just keep your indulgences to one meal a day, not all meals all day. Eat whatever you want once a day! We recommend you stay strong all day and indulge for dinner if you feel the need. Why? If you have a few cookies for lunch you are more likely to have a few at dinner also. But if you only had some at dinner then there's no more meal times for you to indulge. 

5. Do not take a holiday from your exercise: If you have an exercise routine keep it. If you don't have one, start now. Exercising regularly helps increase mental and physical health. It will also help you stay away from overeating as you won't want to waste the work you put in exercising by eating an entire chocolate cake! Also, if you do eat an entire chocolate cake it wont affect you as much as it would if you did not exercise. So while it is holiday season is a great time to take a break from work, it is not a break time from exercise. Keep your routine and you will be ringing in a happy new year!

That about covers it! Save when you can, keep an eye out for gift splitting and gift card opportunities. Eat what you want, enjoy yourself, just keep to one meal and don't slack on the exercise! Try these tips out this holiday season and let us know how it worked for you!

Thanks for reading!

<![CDATA[How to beĀ  Happy! A simple guide to defining Happiness...]]>Wed, 20 Nov 2019 01:01:30 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/how-to-be-happy-a-simple-guide-to-defining-happiness
What does it mean to be Happy? How can we achieve a high level of happiness (a level of happiness like my little nephew has!!)? Truth is, it's different for everyone. While the definition of happy is the same for all: Showing pleasure or contentment.  Not everyone is content or happy with the same things or situations. There is no magic answer as to what needs to happen for all people to be happy. 

Even though we can't define what everyone needs to be happy what we can do is define the process that will allow you to identify what you specifically need in order to reach that high level of happiness everyone strives for.

The process starts by committing to a detailed self exploration to help determine your needs and wants.

1. Take 10-20 mins and brainstorm about all the things that you believe you need in order to be truly happy. This is actually more like a brain dump, whatever comes to mind write it down. For example.. I need $1 million to be happy, I need a house with a pool, I need to not work, I need to travel the world. Anything that comes to mind whether it's realistic at this point or not, jot it down. You should be able to come up with at least 20.

2. Now that we have our happiness needs on paper let's narrow it down to the top 10. The top 10 are the must haves, things that would make you truly unhappy if you didn't have them or we unable to do them. This is a long process. I want you to really think! Down to the tiniest detail about these happiness needs. This is your life we are trying to figure out, so go into as much detail as possible. It may take an hour or a week. It doesn't matter as long as you put 100% focus into this process. 
Let's use the following top 10 as an example to demonstrate what I mean:

1. Travel the world
2. No Job
3. Two healthy children
4. Mansion on a hill
5. 2020 corvette
6. Loving/supportive relationship
7. Be in good health
8. Summer home on the lake
9. 10$ million in the bank
10. Season tickets for the NFL

These are the 10  we decided on, now it's time to break these down. Let's look at travel the world.

We need to consider the reality of doing this. All aspects need to be review in order for us to decide if  this will really make us happy?

For instance, you would live out of your suitcase for a good part of a year. Every time you got familiar with a place it would be time to leave. It would cost an exorbitant amount of money. You couldn't realistically have children on this trip due to school and stability issues. You would be able to experience some really cool stuff but would you be to tired from all the travel to enjoy joy it? Perhaps a shorter trip to a specific area would better? After you have out in some significant thought can you decide if you really need ti travel the world to be happy. If yes then keep on the list, if no then cross it off.

Keep going to you complete a detailed review of your top 10. You may be surprised when you discover that new corvette wouldn't actually make you happy once you figured out that you couldn't fit the family in the car and that you were more enamored with the feeling of being cool than the actual car. ( happens all the time, people try buy a feeling through a car or boat, doesn't work).

Repeat this detailed review with all of your top 10. This process will help you truly consider you own happiness needs. Once you have done this you will be able to cut your list in half. You will find that after careful consideration you may not need or actually even like some of the items on your list. That's Great! 

Most people think they know what makes them happy but in reality they don't. Truth is most haven't spent much time thinking about it. This process forces you to dedicate the necessary amount of time needed to help formulate legitimate happiness goals.

Remember, this is your life and you only get one! That's why is crucial to do complete this exercise. Your life and happiness are priority #1, so let's act like!

 everyone's list is going to be different and unique to them there is no need to compare your list with others. Your life is your own, no one else's. The only constant on the lists will be that the 5 items that are left are absolutely necessary to that person to achieve happiness. 

Now that the list is done, time to make a plan of action to accomplish it! We will discuss this process in the week's to come...

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<![CDATA[How does Instacart work? Is it worth it? is Instacart an Insta-scam? We found out...]]>Tue, 12 Nov 2019 21:43:08 GMThttp://happyhealthyhundreds.com/happyhealhtyhundredsblog/how-does-instacart-work-is-it-worth-it-is-instacart-and-insta-scam-we-found-out
Instacart is all over the news these days. The company has come under fire from employees and shoppers alike! Shortly after a workers strike the company decided to cut their pay in the form of deleting a quality bonus! Co-incidence? Maybe, Maybe not. Either way, there is definitely a lot going on with Instacart these days!

So, whats the big deal and how does this gig work? We spent a week as an Instacart shopper in order to answer these questions! Here's the rundown.

As with most of this Gig's you need to sign up first and wait for materials in the mail before you can begin. We signed up and had our package a few days later. In the mail you receive a debit card to pay for the groceries and a lanyard with an Instacart logo on it. Once we got these we received a message requesting we buy insulated bags in order to deliver the groceries or provide photos of bags if we had them already. Luckily from of last gig review of DoorDash we had the bag they gave us. We sent in the picture and we were approved for work!

As we found out there are 2 types ways to make money. First, you can sign up for hours, go to the local store and work till your alotted time is up. Second, orders will pop up sporadically on the app. When this happens you can accept it and complete the order. Orders are either delivery only or full service.

1. Full service- this is when you go to the store, purchase the items needed, then deliver.

2. Delivery only- this is when the in-store shopper (an employee of Instacart who completes the orders and places on racks in the front of the store) does the shopping and you just go to pick up the bags, scan, and deliver.

We did both! For these orders we did not sign up for a time slot and just accepted them as they came up on the app. 

The delivery only was very easy. After accepting the order we went to the store. In the front right corner was a rack and a cooler where the bags were held. We scanned our 4 bags and off we went. This delivery was a bit of a hike, 19 miles, but we were going that way anyway! We dropped off the bags on the porch as instructed, scanned them again and went on our way. What did we get for our efforts? The payout for that order was 28$, not bad considering the process took about 45 mins.

A few days later we picked up a full service order. This was fairly easy as well. The groceries are pictured on the Instacart App. You shop for the items, scanning each as you go, then you pay and head out to deliver. If there is an issue with a product that's not available the customer will sometimes leave instructions for a replacement item or you can text them and ask what they would like instead. This seems to not be a frequent occurrence. 

We got our order completed and headed out. As we were just arriving to our location ( 4 miles) we received a text from the customer asking to leave groceries on the porch and knock on the door. So that's what we did. Overall, not a bad experience! Until it came to getting paid! The order we accepted was for 14$ ( took us 50 mins to complete) but we only received 12$. We reached out to customer service and they stated that the pay shown when you accept the gig has a tip included. However, the customer can delete that tip up to 72 hours after delivery without providing any reason. That's what happened here. We received less than expected even though the delivery was accurate and timely. Not cool to think your getting paid one amount and end up with less! 

What about signing up for hours? How does that work? We found that out also!

sWe signed up for a two hour block from 11am-1pm on a Sunday. Heres what happened. In our area there are 2 store that do Instacart. While they are in the same region as far as Instacart is concerned they are 45 minutes away from each other. We had received a message stating we would be told where to go before our shift started. This did not occur, so we guessed and drove to the store we thought would be the busiest. Once there we waited for the shift to start. As soon as 11 hit, the app came on and told us that we should go to the other store ( that area was red which means it's more likely top be busy). Bummer!!!

Since that store was so far away it would take half our shift to get there! We decided to hang tight and hope for the best! Let's just say the results were not stellar. In the 2 hours only one order came in and it was for the store we were not near so we did not accept it. This order came in with only 15 minutes left is our shift! We didn't want to waste anymore time! So while we did only try this once we would suggest you stay away from signing up for hours. This gets into more of a job mentality than a gig anyway.The whole point of a gig is to work when you want, not to sign up for a time block so you have to sit at the store. You should be on an hourly wage if that's the case!

Would we recommend this gig? Yes and No!

When you treat this like a gig then it can be worth it. The pay is decent if you pick the right orders. If you need a few extra bucks then signup, download the app and take an order here or there when they pop up. DO NOT however count on orders coming, treat these as a bonus source of income, not  a reliable one.

DO NOT try to treat this like a job, it's not. No Gigs are meant to be a job or else the would be called jobs! Don't sign up to work hours that you wont get paid for, that's crazy! Your time is valuable, treat it as such!


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our experience, we would be happy to share! We hope you found this information useful! Please pass on to anyone who would benefit form reading!